A Step Closer To ‘No-Fault’ Divorce

Request a Call Back A new law that should make divorce less acrimonious has cleared its latest hurdle. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill was backed by MPs during its second reading in the House of Commons last week. There are a few stages to go before it will become law, but its progress is […]

Co-Parenting Through Covid-19

Request a Call Back This is an extraordinary time for all of us, but separated families have an additional hurdle to tackle and it is throwing up a lot of worries and questions. In this article, Alice Scambler, partner in the Family Law team looks at some of the most frequently asked questions: I’m worried […]

Family Matters in Lockdown

Request a Call Back As lives everywhere are on hold and, tragically, far too many are still being lost, the ‘old normal’ is fast becoming a distant memory. But COVID-19 hasn’t changed everything. Families are experiencing tensions, disagreements, difficult relationships just as they did pre-pandemic. Some couples will put this down to the pressures of […]

Family Proceedings and Accusations

Request a Call Back With COVID-19 dominating the news and everyone’s thoughts in recent weeks, some may have missed the story of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed and the publication of a damning  judgment about his treatment of family members. Allegations against him, which included abduction, intimidation and torture, emerged during Family Law proceedings. Given the potential […]

Coronavirus and Family Law

Request a Call Back Child Arrangements How do you arrange the children’s time now that the schools are shut (for non key worker families) and what child arrangements apply – term time arrangements or holiday arrangements? These are unchartered waters.  Common sense and communication will have to prevail.  As is often the case in family […]

Coronavirus Crisis: Guidance on Compliance with Family Court Child Arrangement Orders

Request a Call Back Originally published at https://www.judiciary.uk/announcements/coronavirus-crisis-guidance-on-compliance-with-family-court-child-arrangement-orders/. During the current Coronavirus Crisis some parents whose children are the subject of Child Arrangements Orders made by the Family Court have been understandably concerned about their ability to meet the requirements of these court orders safely in the wholly unforeseen circumstances that now apply. This short […]

Lockdown and Child Arrangements

Request a Call Back Last night Boris Johnson announced restrictions on movement unprecedented in most of our lifetimes – not even during the 1st and 2nd World Wars were citizens directed not to leave their homes save for exceptional (and prescribed) reasons.   Public gatherings of more than 2 people are banned, as are weddings and […]

Child Arrangements at Christmas and Beyond

Request a Call Back With the Christmas holidays upon us many parents have been busy planning for the festive period, whether that be arranging a foreign trip or outings for the children. But for many separated parents these arrangements can be a bone of contention and agreement is not easily reached. It is always encouraged […]

Family Mediation

Request a Call Back Clients who want to divorce often tell me it’s something they’ve been putting off. They have dreaded the prospect of months of messy and hostile squabbles with their ex. Of having a judge unpick the details of their family life. Having to give evidence. And having to sit tight for many […]

The Post-Summer Divorce Phenomenon

Request a Call Back If there’s one thing I can be certain of, it’s that my phone will ring more often in September than in August. The weeks following the school summer holidays are always a busy period for Family lawyers like me. It’s a time when people want to start the divorce process. And, […]

Collaborative Law – In It Together

Request a Call Back The divorce process has evolved quite significantly in recent years. No longer purely court-based, it now offers couples a range of options when it comes to reaching agreement about the terms on which they’ll separate and move on from one another. Decisions about the division of assets, for example, used to […]

Interview On The Julia George Show

Request a Call Back Please click on the link to listen to Susi Gillespie’s interview on the Julia George show in Radio Kent on 9th April following the Justice Minister David Gauke’s announcement that divorce law would be reformed resulting in ‘no fault divorce’ law.  This move is welcomed by Susi who has been campaigning […]

Protecting Your Children From The Negative Effects of Separation

Request a Call Back We all know that when two people separate, the effects are felt by a far wider circle. Children will often be in the thick of it, continuing to live with one or both parents while the difficult matter of divorce is dealt with. They hear the arguments. They’re exposed to views […]

Did Divorce Day Live Up To The Hype?

Request a Call Back January 7th. The first working Monday of 2019, dubbed ‘Divorce Day’. The media played on the likely onslaught of divorce petitions filed by warring couples that had reached the end of their tether after a tense festive period. Emotional and financial strains exacerbated by Christmas would tip people over the edge. […]