No-fault divorce pushed back to 6 April 2022

News broke last week that the introduction of the much anticipated reform of divorce law in England and Wales has been delayed. Head of Thomas Mansfield’s Family team, Susi Gillespie, said: “Whilst it is disappointing that the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 (‘no-fault divorce’) will not now come into effect until 6th April 2022 […]

Divorce patterns

A recent study reported that couples with teenage daughters are more likely to divorce than those that have sons.  This is particularly common among first-time parents of 15-year-old girls. The reason being that this is a stressful period for parents who may have different views on how to deal with the challenging behaviour that some […]

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors expands its international family law team

Specialist law firm Thomas Mansfield Solicitors welcomes Gemma Fuentes Romero to its international family law team. Gemma practices English and Welsh law in the UK and Spain. She joins from a Spanish law firm in London and, prior to that, a boutique international family law firm in Madrid. Qualified in 2019, Gemma advises clients in […]

“Let’s live together”

Moving in with a partner is a milestone. It’s the merging of clothes, cutlery and customs. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, and one that’s usually embarked on enthusiastically. But for all the excitement and the frivolity that comes with tussling over control of the TV remote, there are some serious legal issues in […]

Private children: Facing the issues

The Family Solutions Group report refers to a ‘series of scattergun initiatives’ and points to a fundamental flaw in the idea that children’s rights and welfare can be protected while they are not present in what is an indirect adult-driven agenda. Kate Newton highlights key recommendations in the report of the Family Solutions Group to […]

What impact has the pandemic had on relationships?

Anthony Kiernan, Consultant in the Family law department at Thomas Mansfield Solicitors, comments to the Wealden Times on the impact of the pandemic on relationships. “The pandemic has… increased the number of domestic abuse incidents”, says Anthony. He also notes that there has been a “huge change in the way that the family courts deal […]

Must I return an expensive gift to my ex-partner?

Family lawyer Hollie Foreman answers a reader’s question in the FT Money. She talks about legal and moral aspects of returning an expensive gift to an ex-partner who demands it back. Does the reader have to return the jewellery just because the financial situation of her ex has worsened? Does he really have a legal […]

Ex-husband refuses to be vaccinated

Susi Gillespie, Head of the Family law department, has featured in the FT Money with advice to a parent who wants to ban her ex-husband, a frontline worker, from visiting the children because he refuses to be vaccinated. The reader is worried that he might spread the virus to her vulnerable parents and herself through […]

Family Mediation

It’s Family Mediation Week. This is an annual awareness-raising event that shines a spotlight on alternative ways of resolving issues within families. By ‘alternative’ I mean ‘a way other than through the courts’. Most people who come to me for advice about divorce or about a dispute with their former partner over child contact arrangements, […]

Meet the mediator

A report published at the end of 2020 once again highlighted a need for families to avoid taking their disputes to court if they can. The court system is overburdened; cases are taking too long to come before judges. And there is wide recognition that alternative dispute resolution methods can get families not just a […]

Thomas Mansfield Marks Good Divorce Week 2020 With Free Advice Sessions

Family lawyers in the Tunbridge Wells office of specialist law firm Thomas Mansfield are showing their support for the Good Divorce Week 2020 by offering free 30-minute advice sessions to families in Kent between 30 November and 4 December. Those participating this year are Head of the Family law department Susi Gillespie and Partner Alice […]

Divorce – Why It’s Okay To Change Your Mind

Everyone knows that divorce is a huge step to take. It usually follows an intensely difficult period in two people’s lives. They haven’t been getting along. Perhaps there’s been infidelity. They may simply have fallen out of love. Whatever the reason for beginning the divorce process, it’s always entered into with a view to drawing […]

Is there such a thing as a ‘good’ divorce?

Everyone’s experience of divorce is different but what is certain is that no one sets out to get a bad divorce.   Most people have been through a lot by the time they instruct a solicitor. Divorce is often the culmination of months or years of disharmony. Divorce is a process, it involves conversations, negotiations, and […]

Child Maintenance Payments And Covid-19

The current pandemic has left many parents wondering how a change in circumstances will affect their child maintenance payments, whether they are the parent paying or receiving it. Either parent can apply for a variation of child maintenance, but the outcome depends on certain circumstances and these differ depending on whether you are paying or […]