My civil partnership has broken down. How do I end it?

When a relationship has run its course, it’s rarely a case of packing a bag and leaving without looking back. And where the relationship is a marriage or a civil partnership, there is a legal process for the couple to go through to draw things to an official end and enable each person, and their children, to move on […]

“I’m getting divorced. Should I be pushing for a clean break?”

Divorce may be the end of a marriage, but it doesn’t always sever ties between two people. There are often reasons to remain in contact. It’s also common for financial obligations to continue long after a divorce has been finalised. This is especially so where there are children who need to be supported […]

“My son doesn’t want to spend time with his father since our divorce. What should I do?”

Aspects of post-divorce life can take people by surprise. One of these is the effect of a family break-up on children. Parents go to great lengths to shield children during and after the divorce process. They watch what they say, taking care not to badmouth the other…

The review that could spark fresh change in divorce law

It’s been a year since a monumental development in family law took effect. No-fault divorce was a huge step forward for those that had long campaigned for a less acrimonious way of divorcing than the previous ‘blame game’ had allowed. And it has paved the way for couples to move on from their relationship on better terms than might otherwise have been the case….

Divorce in a cost of living crisis – when staying together is not an option

As the cost of living crisis rages on, the prices of everyday items and expenses continue to skyrocket. Many of us are rethinking our spending habits and cutting back on indulgences like shopping sprees. But financial strain can also take its toll on marriage, leading to relationship breakdowns when pressures on personal and joint finances become too much.

A warning to those who don’t provide full financial disclosure

A final order in financial remedy proceedings usually dismisses all future capital and income claims that a spouse has against the other. However, in the recent High Court case of X v Y [2022] EWFC 95, His Honour Judge Hess made an order adjourning the wife’s capital claims for 10 years because of the husband’s dishonest disclosure in the proceedings […]

Court is essential, but it’s not for everyone

Sir Andrew McFarlane, head of the family courts in England and Wales has reportedly said that divorcing couples too often believe their issues are ‘legal’ ones, when in fact they are ‘relationship’ issues that could be resolved without the court’s involvement […]

When actions speak louder than words

Depp v Heard. Vardy v Rooney. The media frenzy around these very public court cases may have died down, but the impressions formed of those involved will last a lifetime. As spectators, we follow the ups and downs of these trials, picking up titbits in the press or becoming drawn into watching hours of live footage […]

Why what you say after a separation really matters

“Even Kanye shouldn’t be trash talking on social media unless, as may be the case, he has a divorce court death wish.”  The words of a New York family attorney, reported in a divorce feature in the Independent. The piece referred to Kanye West (Ye) as having been ‘ranting publicly about Kim Kardashian in the name of fatherhood, which many saw as bullying and intimidation.’ […]

Family Court Statistics January to March 2022 show continued backlogs and delays

Today, the Ministry of Justice released a set of statistics from the Family Courts for the first three months of this year. The figures show a 14% growth in the number of started cases as compared to the seasonal dip in the previous quarter. Still, the new cases are down 6% in comparison to January […]

Taking the fight out of family separation

The introduction of no-fault divorce is long awaited legislation that is the first change to divorce law in 50 years.  The much heralded ‘end to the blame game’ has arrived and we have now entered a digital age of divorcing online and with no paper process involved whatsoever […]

Why families now stand a better chance, post-divorce

I was asked today if the introduction of no-fault divorce is the most significant Family Law development to have happened in my career. It’s certainly up there. For too long, divorce has been fairly one-dimensional. It has required separated couples to either wait a minimum of two years […]

I live abroad, so must I start my divorce proceedings there too?

Family law varies from country to country. Courts in each country (or, as in England and Wales, group of countries) have their own jurisdiction. This means their remit to deal with cases. And when it comes to divorce and other family issues that have an international element, there are various factors that need to be worked through […]

Making divorce better

Divorce is difficult, on so many levels. But, as lawyers who help families untie bonds and reshape their future, we see the opportunity it brings for people to move on, equipped for the next phase in their lives.
One common myth we’re always keen to dispel is that divorce will be an entirely negative and hostile experience. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be […]