Thomas Mansfield Solicitors proudly sponsors St Albans Primary School Boys U11 Yellow Team

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors is thrilled to be sponsoring St Albans Primary School Boys U11 “Yellows” football team this season. The partnership reflects the firm’s commitment to supporting local communities and fostering young talent in sports […]

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors strengthens presence in Tunbridge Wells with a new office at 65 The High Street

We’re excited to share that we’ve opened a new office at No 65 The High Street, right in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. This latest expansion not only reinforces our physical presence in the heart of the town but also underlines our commitment to serving Tunbridge Wells’ community […]

My civil partnership has broken down. How do I end it?

When a relationship has run its course, it’s rarely a case of packing a bag and leaving without looking back. And where the relationship is a marriage or a civil partnership, there is a legal process for the couple to go through to draw things to an official end and enable each person, and their children, to move on […]

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors earns recognition in Chambers and Partners for family law services

We are excited to announce that we have been ranked in the Chambers & Partners legal directory for our family law services, a significant accomplishment that comes on the heels of our inclusion in The Legal 500 […]

“I’m getting divorced. Should I be pushing for a clean break?”

Divorce may be the end of a marriage, but it doesn’t always sever ties between two people. There are often reasons to remain in contact. It’s also common for financial obligations to continue long after a divorce has been finalised. This is especially so where there are children who need to be supported […]

Thomas Mansfield strengthens family law practice with new partner appointment

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors has welcomed family law specialist Reshma Sunnassee to its family law team. Reshma joins as a partner from a national family law practice and brings to Thomas Mansfield a wealth of experience in helping individuals and their families resolve their issues […]

“My son doesn’t want to spend time with his father since our divorce. What should I do?”

Aspects of post-divorce life can take people by surprise. One of these is the effect of a family break-up on children. Parents go to great lengths to shield children during and after the divorce process. They watch what they say, taking care not to badmouth the other…

The review that could spark fresh change in divorce law

It’s been a year since a monumental development in family law took effect. No-fault divorce was a huge step forward for those that had long campaigned for a less acrimonious way of divorcing than the previous ‘blame game’ had allowed. And it has paved the way for couples to move on from their relationship on better terms than might otherwise have been the case….

Divorce in a cost of living crisis – when staying together is not an option

As the cost of living crisis rages on, the prices of everyday items and expenses continue to skyrocket. Many of us are rethinking our spending habits and cutting back on indulgences like shopping sprees. But financial strain can also take its toll on marriage, leading to relationship breakdowns when pressures on personal and joint finances become too much.

TM Family Law announces exciting new developments and a new office for 2023

Thomas Mansfield Family Law has had an exciting start to 2023 with the opening of a new office in Guildford, the development of a new and dedicated family dispute resolution (DR) department led by Susi Gillespie and the appointment of Kate Rayner as Head of Thomas Mansfield Family Law.