The changing face of relationships: a call for cohabitation law reform

Recent findings from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal significant changes in the relationship patterns in England and Wales. With a noticeable decline in marriage rates among individuals aged over 16 and a concurrent rise in cohabitation, the report points to a substantial shift in societal norms and relationship dynamics.

Common law marriage is a myth

Common law marriage is a myth. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as common law marriage in England and Wales. The law for separating unmarried couples is completely different to those who are married or who are in a civil partnership. Upon divorce, the court uses use the statutory factors in section […]

“Let’s live together”

Moving in with a partner is a milestone. It’s the merging of clothes, cutlery and customs. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, and one that’s usually embarked on enthusiastically. But for all the excitement and the frivolity that comes with tussling over control of the TV remote, there are some serious legal issues in […]

The Cohabitation Question

It is believed that one in eight couples in the UK live together but are not married or in a civil partnership. This is called ‘cohabitation’; an increasingly popular relationship choice, and one that undoubtedly suits the six million or so people who are doing it. There are other types of cohabitation set-ups that don’t […]

Cohabitation Awareness Week – know your rights!

The lack of rights for cohabiting couples has a big impact on society as well as on the individuals involved and their families. It’s estimated that there are over 800,000 cohabiting couples in London and the South East, of which nearly 300,000 have dependant children. Cohabitation is the fastest growing family type in the UK […]

Cohabitation Agreements – A Worthwhile Investment

The benefits of a cohabitation agreement if you choose not to marry or enter into a civil partnership We’ve written before about the problems for people who choose to cohabit without formalising their relationship through marriage or civil partnership. While Resolution, the national family lawyers’ association, continues to campaign for recognition of cohabitees, the current […]

Landmark victory for cohabitee

In February 2017, Denise Brewster won her claim that she should automatically receive her late partner’s ‘survivor’s pension’, despite the fact that they were not married. The case highlights the inadequate financial provision automatically available for unmarried couples on death or separation. Translink’s Occupational Pension Scheme Ms Brewster’s legal action related to the ‘survivor’s pension’ […]