A New Option On The Horizon For Heterosexual Couples

Request a Call Back The law looks set to change to enable a man and woman to become civil partners. This is a significant shift from the current position of marriage being the only option for heterosexual couples that want to have their union recognised in law. No date has yet been set for this […]

The Cohabitation Question

Request a Call Back It is believed that one in eight couples in the UK live together but are not married or in a civil partnership. This is called ‘cohabitation’; an increasingly popular relationship choice, and one that undoubtedly suits the six million or so people who are doing it. There are other types of […]

The Enduring Marriage of Mr and Mrs Owens

Request a Call Back This time last year we wrote about the beginning of Mr and Mrs Owens’ journey to the highest court in the UK. Mrs Owens was hoping to be granted a divorce from her husband; something that she had been denied because of a failure to meet the necessary threshold. The Supreme […]

Agreeing Holiday Contact

Request a Call Back With the summer holidays fast approaching, parents everywhere are starting to prepare for their biggest juggle of the year. Arranging six or more weeks of childcare, carefully balanced with work commitments – and perhaps even fitting in a foreign holiday – can take its toll on family units. And the difficulty […]

Online divorce – a step in the right direction?

Request a Call Back The long-awaited online divorce procedure is here. Introduced the Ministry of Justice and trialled in selected areas, the option to file your divorce application, pay the fee and submit supporting documentation online is no open to everyone in England and Wales. How does online divorce work? The new online divorce service […]

The real life of The Split

Request a Call Back Are you watching ‘The Split’? It’s the latest in a line of glossy legal dramas that we’re all familiar with. From the days of Ally McBeal and North Square, to Silk and now The Split, there seems to be an endless appetite for legal drama. Divorce is one of those areas […]

Avoid the worry of an invalid divorce

Request a Call Back If you and your partner have gone through the heartbreak of realising that your relationship isn’t going to work, dealt with all the paper work relating to divorce, made the decisions about who gets what, and sorted out arrangements for your children, the last thing you want to discover is that […]

Holidaying in non-Hague Convention Countries

Request a Call Back Spring time – a time of year when lots of families look toward booking holidays for the summer. Holidays abroad with your children can sometimes be tricky to negotiate if you and your child’s mother or father are divorced. Trickier still are the legal practicalities involved if you want to take […]

Five Reasons Why Collaborative Law Works for Divorcing Couples

Request a Call Back Divorce can be a lengthy and expensive process, and it can result in relationships breaking down even further, to the detriment of any children involved. Couples in the unfortunate situation of divorce are increasingly seeking Dispute Resolution methods such as collaborative law, rather than facing the stress and high legal costs […]

Combating Intractable Contact

Request a Call Back Divorce is often fraught with hostility and emotion and this is only heightened when attempting to agree to any child arrangements. Intractable contact cases can be nothing short of impossible in terms of searching for the prefect outcome – one that means that the best interests of the child are met, […]

5 Things to consider before turning to Divorce

Request a Call Back Separating from a partner is a significant decision that is most definitely not to be made lightly. There are many factors to consider before making the final decision to go ahead with a split. Below is a list of 5 considerations to make before going down the legal route and filing […]

Grandparents’ Rights: Contact with Grandchildren

Request a Call Back Family separations can be a testing time for all concerned, especially for any children involved. It is not uncommon for an outpouring of support to be offered to the divorcing parties and their children, however, little thought is often given to the affected grandparents. Family break-ups bring about very difficult circumstances […]

Considering post-nuptial agreements

Request a Call Back We look at the benefits of a ‘post-nuptial’ agreement We’ve been encouraging people to draw up ‘pre-nuptial’ agreements for some time now. There are many benefits to agreeing how assets would be divided in the event that you divorce. Providing both of you take independent legal advice and your agreement is […]

Smith v Lancashire teaching Hospitals – Another positive step for cohabiting couples

Request a Call Back If you live with someone in a committed relationship, share your home and your lives – perhaps have children together – you’ll be protected if things go wrong – Right? Wrong. It’s a common misconception, and causes real distress, not to mention financial hardship, in a whole variety of situations – […]