Scam Alert

Email and website scam warning

We have been advised by the Law Society that solicitors and their clients are currently being targeted by fraudsters and cyber criminals and would like to make you aware of some scams that we are aware of to try and help you from falling victim to them.

Scam emails
Scam emails have been sent to multiple recipients, falsely claiming to be from partners and staff members at Thomas Mansfield. These emails are financial scams or phishing scams and include the fraudster emailing details about an unclaimed inheritance for the recipient, with the target of the fraud asked to email back for further information.

Cloned website
In this scam a copy of a genuine website for a firm of solicitors may be used to create a fake or cloned firm. This firm may issue spurious proceedings and seek cash to settle the claim or may seek to charge you in advance for services that will not materialise. Thomas Mansfield do not use any other website address other than:

Thomas Mansfield Solicitors, Thomas Mansfield Wills & Inheritance Planning, TM Wills and Probate, TM Family Law, TM Employment Law and Thomas Mansfield, and our partners and staff members have no involvement in these or any other scams. Our names are being used without our authorisation.

If you are the recipient of any email purporting to be from a Thomas Mansfield partner or staff member that you were not expecting, that comes from any email domain other than, or contains unusual content, please check the authenticity of the correspondence by contacting us directly:  [email protected]