Same-Sex Marriage

Request a Call Back In what can feel like acres of bad news, the recent Australian vote in favour of same-sex marriage equality offered a rainbow-coloured beacon of good cheer to splash across our headlines. The postal vote was non-binding and legislation is needed to create a legal right to same-sex marriage. A bill to […]

Cohabitation Awareness Week – know your rights!

Request a Call Back The lack of rights for cohabiting couples has a big impact on society as well as on the individuals involved and their families. It’s estimated that there are over 800,000 cohabiting couples in London and the South East, of which nearly 300,000 have dependant children. Cohabitation is the fastest growing family […]

Why does Brexit impact on family law?

Request a Call Back Whether you are in favour of Brexit or not, it’s where the UK is headed in one form or other. The headlines are full of the impact this will have on business, but there are other areas that will potentially be completely changed once the UK leaves the EU – and […]

5 good reasons to have a prenuptial agreement

Request a Call Back Despite Paul McCartney’s pronouncement that prenuptial (or premarital) agreements are unromantic, there are at least 5 good reasons to ignore this and go ahead. As a couple, you can agree what will happen should you split up The arguments that arise over finances during the course of a divorce are stressful […]

Returning abducted children – the Hague Convention in action

Request a Call Back The 1996 Hague Convention will apply for all child abduction matters outside of the scope of Brussels II bis, which applies when the child or children concerned are either habitually resident in an EU member state or an EU member state has already made orders in relation to that child or children, […]

Cohabitation Agreements – A Worthwhile Investment

Request a Call Back The benefits of a cohabitation agreement if you choose not to marry or enter into a civil partnership We’ve written before about the problems for people who choose to cohabit without formalising their relationship through marriage or civil partnership. While Resolution, the national family lawyers’ association, continues to campaign for recognition […]

Confused about ‘tying the knot’?

Request a Call Back Even before the introduction of civil partnerships, there was confusion about the status of some partnerships – the widespread use of the term ‘common law marriage’ being a primary example of this. These days there are a number of ways you can obtain legal rights as a couple in England and […]

Owens v Owens goes to the Supreme Court

Request a Call Back ‘Irretrievable breakdown’ to be considered by the Supreme Court We featured the Court of Appeal’s decision in Owens v Owens on our blog a few weeks ago. The judgement that, as a matter of law, the marriage between Tini Owens and her husband Hugh had not ‘irretrievably broken down’ was a […]

Competing applications involving children

Request a Call Back The Court of Appeal has recently reiterated that in cases where there are competing issues to be determined, decisions around who should be the carer and the child arrangements should be made first. Cases involving the relocation of a parent who is a child’s main carer, with the child, following separation […]

A realistic approach to lifestyle choices and ‘future needs’

Request a Call Back The Court of Appeal has recently considered the impact of a ‘lifestyle’ decision by one partner to stop work on any financial settlement following separation. In another recent family law case to hit the headlines, the Court of Appeal considered a claim by the ex-wife that she should have been compensated […]

Short Marriage – Eating away at the principle of the 50/50 split?

Request a Call Back The latest headline-grabbing ruling from the Court of Appeal suggests that in the case of a short marriage, the principle of financial equality in divorce may be set aside. The Court of Appeal has recently delivered a judgement in which it departed from the principle of a 50:50 split of the […]

10 tips to negotiate the school holidays after divorce

Request a Call Back Just as life changes when you get married, on divorce, it changes again. This is particularly the case if there are children from the relationship. With the long summer holiday coming up, you may be realising that the 6 week holiday period can be a bit of a minefield. You need […]

Relocation – 5 things to consider about the ‘fresh start’

Request a Call Back Even if your divorce has proceeded relatively smoothly and with minimal animosity, things may change if one of you is considering a relocation.  A decision by the parent who is the primary carer of the children of the relationship to move away, taking the children with her, is likely to sour […]

So, you think you’re a genius?

Request a Call Back As Ryan Giggs seeks to convince the divorce courts that his ‘genius’ means he is entitled to more than 50% of the assets from his marriage, we look at the ‘yardstick of equality’ and consider Giggs’ chances. There are many issues for a couple to disagree over when unpicking a marriage. […]