Short Marriage – Eating away at the principle of the 50/50 split?

Request a Call Back The latest headline-grabbing ruling from the Court of Appeal suggests that in the case of a short marriage, the principle of financial equality in divorce may be set aside. The Court of Appeal has recently delivered a judgement in which it departed from the principle of a 50:50 split of the […]

10 tips to negotiate the school holidays after divorce

Request a Call Back Just as life changes when you get married, on divorce, it changes again. This is particularly the case if there are children from the relationship. With the long summer holiday coming up, you may be realising that the 6 week holiday period can be a bit of a minefield. You need […]

Relocation – 5 things to consider about the ‘fresh start’

Request a Call Back Even if your divorce has proceeded relatively smoothly and with minimal animosity, things may change if one of you is considering a relocation.  A decision by the parent who is the primary carer of the children of the relationship to move away, taking the children with her, is likely to sour […]

So, you think you’re a genius?

Request a Call Back As Ryan Giggs seeks to convince the divorce courts that his ‘genius’ means he is entitled to more than 50% of the assets from his marriage, we look at the ‘yardstick of equality’ and consider Giggs’ chances. There are many issues for a couple to disagree over when unpicking a marriage. […]

‘Irretrievable breakdown’ after Owens v Owens

Request a Call Back The recent Court of Appeal decision in Owens v Owens has very clearly placed the spotlight on divorce and the anomaly which means that a marriage which has broken down ‘in fact’, has not necessarily reached the point of irretrievable breakdown ‘in law’. Owens v Owens The case of Owens v […]

Co-operation and contempt in divorce

Request a Call Back There is no ‘ideal’ divorce. Whatever the circumstances, divorce is tough and upsetting. Ultimately, though, divorce is about co-operation, however hard that co-operation may be to stomach. And those involved in a divorce who refuse to play by the rules could find themselves facing more than an acrimonious separation, as the […]

Landmark victory for cohabitee

Request a Call Back In February 2017, Denise Brewster won her claim that she should automatically receive her late partner’s ‘survivor’s pension’, despite the fact that they were not married. The case highlights the inadequate financial provision automatically available for unmarried couples on death or separation. Translink’s Occupational Pension Scheme Ms Brewster’s legal action related […]

Revisiting Maintenance? The Court of Appeal decision in Mills v Mills

Request a Call Back The tide against the concept of ‘maintenance for life’ has turned or so we thought with courts increasingly emphasising the need for the party receiving maintenance to do so only for a short period of time, and aim to become independent. Discussions in the House of Lords have also called for […]

A question of ‘habitual residence’

Request a Call Back Susi Gillespie looks at the decision in RE: ALCOTT (1) [2016] EWHC 2413 (Fam) and the question of ‘habitual residence’ in child abduction cases under the Hague Convention There are many benefits to having parents from different countries and culture – in many cases it can mean children growing up speaking more […]

Marriage breakdown: the benefits of collaborative law

Request a Call Back Collaborative Law is a form of Dispute Resolution that is still relatively unknown and under-used, yet offers a number of benefits to couples whose marriages have broken down and who are looking for an alternative to a lengthy and acrimonious court battle. Avenues to divorce Marriage breakdown is never easy – […]

Unmarried Separations

Request a Call Back Unmarried couples who separate often don’t realise that their legal position is not the same as couples that are divorcing.  It is a constant surprise that many clients still believe there is some sort of ‘common law right as husband and wife’ – this is known as the ‘common law myth’ […]

Separation and Divorce for Christmas?

Request a Call Back For many of us, the approaching Christmas break is a welcome escape from the daily commute or 9-5.  It is exciting that we will be taking the children to see Father Christmas or that we will be shopping until we drop and eating and drinking until we pop.  Many of us […]

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Request a Call Back Remarrying? Marrying for the first time? Already married? Historically, prenuptial agreements have been reserved for the wealthy or the rich and famous.  However, more recently other categories of couples will now find they can benefit from such an arrangement.  For example, those who may have already been stung by a divorce […]