Coronavirus and Family Law

Child Arrangements How do you arrange the children’s time now that the schools are shut (for non key worker families) and what child arrangements apply – term time arrangements or holiday arrangements? These are unchartered waters.  Common sense and communication will have to prevail.  As is often the case in family law, there is no […]

Coronavirus Crisis: Guidance on Compliance with Family Court Child Arrangement Orders

Originally published at During the current Coronavirus Crisis some parents whose children are the subject of Child Arrangements Orders made by the Family Court have been understandably concerned about their ability to meet the requirements of these court orders safely in the wholly unforeseen circumstances that now apply. This short statement is intended to […]

Lockdown and Child Arrangements

Last night Boris Johnson announced restrictions on movement unprecedented in most of our lifetimes – not even during the 1st and 2nd World Wars were citizens directed not to leave their homes save for exceptional (and prescribed) reasons.   Public gatherings of more than 2 people are banned, as are weddings and baptisms (funerals are allowed). […]

Child Arrangements at Christmas and Beyond

With the Christmas holidays upon us many parents have been busy planning for the festive period, whether that be arranging a foreign trip or outings for the children. But for many separated parents these arrangements can be a bone of contention and agreement is not easily reached. It is always encouraged that, where possible, parents […]

Family Mediation

Clients who want to divorce often tell me it’s something they’ve been putting off. They have dreaded the prospect of months of messy and hostile squabbles with their ex. Of having a judge unpick the details of their family life. Having to give evidence. And having to sit tight for many months while the court […]

The Post-Summer Divorce Phenomenon

If there’s one thing I can be certain of, it’s that my phone will ring more often in September than in August. The weeks following the school summer holidays are always a busy period for Family lawyers like me. It’s a time when people want to start the divorce process. And, just as the beginning […]

Collaborative Law – In It Together

The divorce process has evolved quite significantly in recent years. No longer purely court-based, it now offers couples a range of options when it comes to reaching agreement about the terms on which they’ll separate and move on from one another. Decisions about the division of assets, for example, used to be something that a […]

Interview On The Julia George Show

Please click on the link to listen to Susi Gillespie’s interview on the Julia George show in Radio Kent on 9th April following the Justice Minister David Gauke’s announcement that divorce law would be reformed resulting in ‘no fault divorce’ law.  This move is welcomed by Susi who has been campaigning with Resolution to bring […]

Protecting Your Children From The Negative Effects of Separation

We all know that when two people separate, the effects are felt by a far wider circle. Children will often be in the thick of it, continuing to live with one or both parents while the difficult matter of divorce is dealt with. They hear the arguments. They’re exposed to views that they ought not […]

Did Divorce Day Live Up To The Hype?

January 7th. The first working Monday of 2019, dubbed ‘Divorce Day’. The media played on the likely onslaught of divorce petitions filed by warring couples that had reached the end of their tether after a tense festive period. Emotional and financial strains exacerbated by Christmas would tip people over the edge. Divorce Day would be […]

Collaborative Law and Mediation

A relationship breakdown can have profound and long-lasting effects on a couple, on their children, and on the wider family. It can even affect social networks, with friends intentionally or otherwise siding with one party. While there is no way of eliminating the emotional and practical challenges of separation, divorce, or dissolution, there is growing […]

A New Option On The Horizon For Heterosexual Couples

The law looks set to change to enable a man and woman to become civil partners. This is a significant shift from the current position of marriage being the only option for heterosexual couples that want to have their union recognised in law. No date has yet been set for this extension of civil partnerships, […]

The Cohabitation Question

It is believed that one in eight couples in the UK live together but are not married or in a civil partnership. This is called ‘cohabitation’; an increasingly popular relationship choice, and one that undoubtedly suits the six million or so people who are doing it. There are other types of cohabitation set-ups that don’t […]

The Enduring Marriage of Mr and Mrs Owens

This time last year we wrote about the beginning of Mr and Mrs Owens’ journey to the highest court in the UK. Mrs Owens was hoping to be granted a divorce from her husband; something that she had been denied because of a failure to meet the necessary threshold. The Supreme Court has now spoken, […]