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Thomas Mansfield family law solicitors covering Harrow provide our clients with expert and assured advice on all aspects of divorce and separation.  Our solicitors specialise in family law alone which means that clients benefit from considerable knowledge and expertise.

We offer a full practice of family law advice including all dispute resolution options such as collaborative law, mediation and round table meetings.  We also specialise in litigation should a case be incapable of being settled on a voluntary basis.  We have considerable experience in steering our clients through an extremely emotional and challenging period in their lives with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Our solicitors are regularly asked to advise on child arrangements whether that is inside this jurisdiction or outside of it including applications to prevent or allow a parent to relocate to another country.  Child arrangement cases can be resolved on a voluntary basis using one of the dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law or mediation but, if parents cannot agree then Children Act proceedings are often necessary.

We also represent unmarried clients in property issues surrounding their separation, sometimes a property is jointly owned or, one party owns the house but the other party feels they have a quantifiable interest in it.  We have extensive experience advising separating couples on what rights they have in respect of joint or solely owned property.  Again, such disputes can very often be settled in dispute resolution settings but when they cannot be, we are used to issuing civil proceedings and applying property law principles.

If you are thinking about living with your partner and buying a property with them then we recommend you draft a cohabitation agreement to regulate your ownership of your solely and jointly owned property.  In addition, pre-nuptial agreements are becoming more and more widely used and we regularly prepare these and advise on them.

Unfortunately, some relationships deteriorate to the extent that domestic violence is a factor and we can assist with prompt court applications for injunctions where appropriate.

Call an expert divorce and family lawyer covering Harrow now 020 7426 4915 or send us an email at [email protected] for a free, no-obligation call back.

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79 College Road is a business meeting centre. We do not have a permanent office location here but our solicitors see clients using the meeting room facilities. Any correspondence or telephone enquiries should be sent to our London City Office 35 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LP.

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