What are the advantages of mediation in resolving family disputes?

Explore the advantages of mediation and collaborative law in resolving family disputes with Susi Gillespie. Discover how these methods preserve relationships, reduce costs, and benefit children, offering a kinder, more considerate approach to separation […]

Meet the mediator

Mediation isn’t about putting marriages back together; it’s about separating, kindly.  We catch up with experienced mediator Susi Gillespie, who’s also Head of our Family Law team, to find out more.

Time for a spotlight on family mediation

It’s Family Mediation Week. Today, through to Friday 20th, those with a keen interest in better resolutions for separated families will be promoting the benefits of this alternative to the court. It’s an important way of raising awareness about options.

Resolution Together – One Couple, One Lawyer

Resolution Together is a new procedure for resolving the various issues which arise following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage. It can be used to settle disputes about finances and the future arrangements for children. The procedure involves the parties jointly instructing one lawyer who will advise them together in a series of joint meetings.

Is mediation a ‘hoop to jump through’ before you can issue court proceedings?

The Ministry of Justice recently published a summary on people’s attitudes towards various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation. While it is mandatory to consider mediation before issuing court proceedings in the family court, the survey showed that some dismissed mediation in family cases as “an attempt to put relationships back together” or “a token step along the inevitable road to court.” […]

Parenting through separation – a free guide to families who are divorcing or separating

Resolution, the national family justice organisation, is offering a free guide to families who are divorcing or separating. The parenting through separation guide is written by family professionals and is full of practical steps that parents can take to put their children first during a separation. The launch of the guide marks the start of […]

The private route to resolving issues

The family court is vital and irreplaceable. Its structure, boundaries and rules make for a fair process and predominantly fair outcomes. The skills of judges in cutting through multi-faceted issues mean that families leave with workable solutions. And people who are subject to a home-life of violence and harassment can get swift protection.     However, the […]

Family Mediation

It’s Family Mediation Week. This is an annual awareness-raising event that shines a spotlight on alternative ways of resolving issues within families. By ‘alternative’ I mean ‘a way other than through the courts’. Most people who come to me for advice about divorce or about a dispute with their former partner over child contact arrangements, […]

Meet the mediator

A report published at the end of 2020 once again highlighted a need for families to avoid taking their disputes to court if they can. The court system is overburdened; cases are taking too long to come before judges. And there is wide recognition that alternative dispute resolution methods can get families not just a […]

Family Mediation

Clients who want to divorce often tell me it’s something they’ve been putting off. They have dreaded the prospect of months of messy and hostile squabbles with their ex. Of having a judge unpick the details of their family life. Having to give evidence. And having to sit tight for many months while the court […]

Collaborative Law and Mediation

A relationship breakdown can have profound and long-lasting effects on a couple, on their children, and on the wider family. It can even affect social networks, with friends intentionally or otherwise siding with one party. While there is no way of eliminating the emotional and practical challenges of separation, divorce, or dissolution, there is growing […]