Divorce in a cost of living crisis – when staying together is not an option

As the cost of living crisis rages on, the prices of everyday items and expenses continue to skyrocket. Many of us are rethinking our spending habits and cutting back on indulgences like shopping sprees. But financial strain can also take its toll on marriage, leading to relationship breakdowns when pressures on personal and joint finances become too much.

A warning to those who don’t provide full financial disclosure

A final order in financial remedy proceedings usually dismisses all future capital and income claims that a spouse has against the other. However, in the recent High Court case of X v Y [2022] EWFC 95, His Honour Judge Hess made an order adjourning the wife’s capital claims for 10 years because of the husband’s dishonest disclosure in the proceedings […]

Family Court Statistics January to March 2022 show continued backlogs and delays

Today, the Ministry of Justice released a set of statistics from the Family Courts for the first three months of this year. The figures show a 14% growth in the number of started cases as compared to the seasonal dip in the previous quarter. Still, the new cases are down 6% in comparison to January […]

Latest statistics show increase in Family Court cases

The Ministry of Justice has released the Family Court statistics for January to March 2021.

The court system seems to be maintaining its recovery from the COVID pandemic, but since the last quarterly review there has been an increase in the number of cases commenced in the Family Courts, with a rise in financial remedy applications (29%), domestic violence (15%) private law (5%) and matrimonial and adoption cases  (1%).