International Divorce

Thomas Mansfield International Divorce Lawyers

If you are living abroad but have ties to the United Kingdom you need to know whether your divorce would be best heard by a court in London or your local jurisdiction because it could make a significant difference not only to the financial package you could end up with but also to the arrangements regarding any children. Thomas Mansfield family law solicitors are based in the United Kingdom and have a team of expert divorce lawyers who specialise in international divorce cases.

Which country divorce proceedings take place in might make a big difference to your case

At the outset of a case involving an international divorce the main point for a British expatriate to consider is which country to issue divorce proceedings.

The first party to issue proceedings is likely to determine which country the case will be heard in. Although the choice of jurisdiction may later be challenged it is very difficult to switch jurisdictions once a court in one country has issued the divorce.

If your spouse issues proceedings first, it could then be too late for you to change the jurisdiction.

London is considered the divorce capital of the world

It is widely known that London is considered the ‘divorce capital of the world’. The reason for this is because the British courts start with the presumption that assets should be divided equally between the parties with spousal maintenance payments being an option to a clean break. In addition, the British family courts always prioritise the children’s needs ahead of anything else.

Thomas Mansfield are experts in international divorce cases

Thomas Mansfield’s International Family Law Team is made up of solicitors and lawyers with expert knowledge and experience in international divorce cases. We know that divorce and separation can be very stressful and often come along when people’s emotions are running high.

If you have the added problem of commencing divorce proceedings in the UK while living in a different country, then a high degree of uncertainty is added to the already stressful mix. It is at times like this you will need to be guided by professionals who can provide advice one step at a time in accordance with your particular circumstances.

Thomas Mansfield’s international family lawyers are client driven, not process driven. We provide a personal service with the aim to get the best possible deal for our clients.

Our reputation lies in providing a first-class legal service to clients in jurisdictions throughout the world.

We often work with expert family lawyers in other jurisdictions who can assist in attending local hearings and the sale of assets, for example in selling property.

International divorce applications are often complicated by assets in several countries. Our lawyers have specialist skills in ensuring all assets are disclosed, wherever in the world they may be. We instruct specialists in forensic accounting whenever we believe money or assets have been deliberately hidden from disclosure to the court. Forensic accountants scrutinise companies, offshore accounts and financial trusts to ensure all assets are made available to the court before any judgement is given.

It is important you are aware of the options available to you

If you are a British expat or have a connection with England or Wales and contemplating a divorce or would like more information about the legal steps to be taken or how we can help you, please contact us now for a no obligation call back +44 (0) 20 7426 4915 or email: [email protected]