Divorce in Spain or England?

Whether you are a British expat living in Spain or a Spanish expat living in the UK, or if you have a connection with the UK and face the unhappy prospect of a marriage breakdown, it is essential you take advice from specialist family solicitors who can advise on divorce in both UK and Spain.

Thomas Mansfield’s team of experienced international family iawyers based in the UK undertake family and divorce work in London for overseas clients.

The divorce process and the division of assets are decided differently in the two countries. It is important to issue proceedings quickly because jurisdiction by the courts (and Country) often depends on the first court to accept the application. The choice of jurisdiction could make a significant difference to the financial outcome. London is known as the divorce capital of the world because the court system provides for a forensic examination of the assets, spousal maintenance and a starting point of sharing the assets equally. The court will make additional allowances if the spouse has custody of any children.

Our team of international lawyers is headed by Anthony Kiernan who has extensive experience of cross jurisdictional divorces, custody disputes and disputes involving the Hague Convention. Gemma Fuentes Romero is an experienced Spanish family lawyer who advises Spanish and South American clients on divorce in London or Spain. Gemma’s knowledge of the Spanish family legal system puts her in a unique position amongst English lawyers in being able to carefully consider the particular circumstances of the case before any proceedings are issued.

If you would like to have an initial no obligation consultation by telephone with Anthony you can contact him by email at [email protected] or by telephone: