Divorce in France or England?

Whether you are British living in France or French living in England and face the unhappy prospect of a marriage breakdown, it is essential that you take advice from specialist family solicitors that can advise on divorce in both England and France.

The divorce process, spousal maintenance and the division of assets are decided differently in the two countries. The divorce procedures in England are different from France. Speed is therefore essential as the choice of jurisdiction could make a huge difference to your financial settlement.

The first to issue proceedings is likely to determine which country the case will be heard in. Although the choice of jurisdiction may later be challenged it is very difficult to switch jurisdictions once a court in one country has issued the divorce. The decision to issue proceedings in one country instead of the other may have profound consequences and so this must be considered carefully in accordance with the particular circumstances of the case before any proceedings are issued. If your spouse issues proceedings first it could then be too late for you to change the jurisdiction.

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Thomas Mansfield Solicitors have an association with Alvarez & Arlabosse (see below), avocats based in Fréjus, South of France and so we are uniquely placed to help clients in this very specialised area. We see clients locally in Fréjus, Cannes, Nice, or the United Kingdom at any one of our office locations. Anthony Kiernan has had a long association with Alvarez & Arlabosse and has been a member of the French bar for 10 years. He is often consulted or referred to by other English solicitors on French related matters and French lawyers on family law matters in England. Anthony is assisted by Sophia Kelly, a paralegal based in our family law team in the London City office. Both Anthony and Sophia are French speakers.

If you would like to have an initial no obligation consultation by telephone with Anthony you can contact him by email at [email protected] or by telephone:

  • Direct dial England 01892 337543
  • Direct dial France (internationally) 0033 498 1145 07
  • Direct dial France (within France) (0) 498114507
  • Mobile 07990 015702
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